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AERO-WHIP Tempo and Speed Trainer (Flexible Shaft)

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The Aero-Whip is a multi purpose training aid and warm up tool. The whip shaft allows for great warm up and tempo training, while the variable amount of pineapples are used to work on swing speed air resistance training.

*Note - pineapples do not differ in weight, aside from the Purple Mini Pineapple. All other pineapples weigh the same amount.


Aero-Swing - How it works!

  • 3 years ago


Aero-Swing | Resistance = Distance

  • 4 months ago


Aero-Swing | Resistance = Distance

  • 6 months ago
Wind Resistance Technology

Wind Resistance Technology

By using wind resistance technology as opposed to weights, Aero-Swing pineapples allow baseball players and golfers to maintain their unique swing plane while increasing distance and swing speed and minimize the risk of injury.

Shaft Design

Shaft Design

The Aero-Whip is a multi purpose training aid and warm up tool, which is great for getting into a rhythm before playing. The Aero-Shaft is a more rigid shaft and is a pure swing speed product. All underloading and overloading work out routines can be performed by using this shaft.