Increase Your Swing Speed

Aero-Swing speed trainers leverage wind resistance to strengthen key muscles for obtaining greater swing speed. Whether you're a first time youth golfer or an experienced long drive professional, everyone can benefit from an Aero-Swing resistance training program.

'24 ABCA Best In Show Award

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Improve Your Game

Why Aero-Swing?

Improve Your Game

Why Aero-Swing?

Wind Resistance Technology

Aero-Swing Pineapples use holes and flanges to pull air toward the club shaft creating more resistance in the swing. In combining our standard Pineapples with our mini Pineapple, various levels of resistance can be attained to meet your skill level and training needs.

Golf Shaft Design

The Aero-Whip is a multi purpose training aid and warm up tool, which is great for getting into a rhythm before playing. The Aero-Shaft is a more rigid shaft and is a pure swing speed product. All underloading and overloading workout routines can be performed by using this shaft.

Trusted By Golf and Baseball Professionals Everywhere

"The Aero-Swing keeps me in line and on point all the time, and keeps me feeling fresh all day"

Dan Greenwalt

2023 ULD 35+ World Long Drive Champion

"It gets your fast-twitch muscles faster, so you can hit the ball farther"

Kauner Klay

2023 Men's Open Amateur ULD Long Drive Champion

"It definitely helped my endurance and definitely helped my speed go up and up"

Mike Bauman

2023 ULD Long Drive Champ

"There's no arguing with the science behind it. It's effortless speed, and speed equals distance"

USMC Sgt. Jon "Happy" Gilmore

2023 Valor PRO World Champion Ultimate Long Drive

"It's the best training aid out there"

Doyle Wilson

2023 ULD 70+ Men's World Amateur Long Drive Champion

"All-around it's really versatile and a fantastic training aid"

Dillon Fay

4x World Champion Coach

"I really feel the Aero-Swing just got me in a tempo. This is the reason I won"

Michelle Sheptak

2022 Women's Masters World Champion

"Aero-Swing is a great product. It increases my speed, and brings me great results"

David Brinker

2022 70+ World Long Drive Champ


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Get Results

Aero-Swing has been proven to boost club head speed by up to 25 mph. Follow our guided 18-week training plan to start hitting further than ever before.