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AERO-BAT (Youth + Standard 2-Pack Bundle) Baseball/Softball Swing Speed Trainers

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This is our AERO-BAT 2-Pack Youth + Standard Bundle! At a special bundle pricing discount, you will receive:

What's included:

One (1) Standard  Aero-Bat

One (1) Youth Aero-Bat

Product description: 
  • The Aero-Bat is a variable and concentrated wind resistance baseball bat training device that is perfect for warming up and increasing swing speed.   
  • Our patented, award winning wind resistant pineapples are made to concentrate wind resistance at the ball impact point. 
  • The baseball bat is flexible, providing a great tool to train timing, tempo and lag. 
  • The Aero-Bat is a perfect on-deck warm up bat. Spend less time and energy warming up and save that energy for the plate!
  • Swing something lighter and faster, yet have that resistance factor that a weighted product cannot give you.
  • Documented swing speed increases by up to 20 MPH!
  • Do not strike balls with the Aero-Bat. It is a pure warm up and speed training device.
  • "The best warm up bat ever invented!"  Why?  No weights, only increased air resistance!
  • Used by 13 MLB teams. 

The AERO-BAT REGULAR is a slightly shorter and more flexible than the PRO. This bat is used by those players who normally swing a shorter game bat.  The additional flex in the bat is so the slower swinging player can feel the lag, tempo and timing provided by the Aero-Bat.  

*Note - pineapples do not differ in weight, aside from the Purple Mini Pineapple. All other pineapples weigh the same amount.

Youth description:

The AERO-BAT YOUTH is a much shorter and lighter bat with more flex and is used by the smaller and younger baseball and softball players. Because weight is a factor with youths in the early stages of swing training, there are only 2 pineapples installed on this bat.

*Note - pineapples do not differ in weight, aside from the Purple Mini Pineapple. All other pineapples weigh the same amount.


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Wind Resistance Technology

Wind Resistance Technology

By using wind resistance technology as opposed to weights, Aero-Swing pineapples allow baseball players to maintain their unique swing plane while increasing distance and swing speed.